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HR Live is your trusted team of human resources experts. We help to grow, serve and empower your workforce while streamlining your operations and freeing up time and resources for your core business activities … the stuff that helps your company grow!

We deliver strategic advice, handling your company’s HR, payroll and benefits administration with hands-on care and genuine enthusiasm for your business. We proudly and diligently act as an extension of your company, aligning our HR proficiency to your unique needs. Let’s discover your company’s true potential.

Monthly HR Topics & Breakfast

Every month we will host a breakfast for HR specialists, business owners and leadership teams to discuss a current industry standards & potiental solutions for your HR needs. Join us!

Navigating the Complex World of Employment Requires Solutions that Work for You

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics / 3PL
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Non-Profit
  • 3rd Party Cleaning / Warehousing Services
  • Security Services
  • Ambulatory Services
  • Medical Device
  • Information Technology

Our Services

Transform Your Operations with HR Live Services

Our approach toward HR management is utilizing a sensible and equitable approach from basic HR support services to critical workforce management issues and oversight.


Design competitive compensation programs that align your company with the hiring environment of your market and industry. We create job descriptions, conduct market studies for positions you want to hire, and ensure the roles within your company are properly positioned with your market, with pay grades, pay ranges and incentive target levels that support your success.


Whether it’s helping to crafting craft programs around the latest topics affecting employee relations or tackling the managerial gaps and HR concerns in your company, we are here to help. We have deep expertise in unconscious bias, cultural sensitivity, the pandemic and its effect on the workforce, and much more.

Measures of Workforce Success

of employees in the US have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination.

who reported discrimination had their matter fully resolved.


of employees believe they aren’t given a good onboarding program.


candidates believe job descriptions are clear.

Our Clients

We work with many different organizations and businesses.

Proven Employment-Related Professional Services

Who We Are

HR Live brings you more than 30+ years of global Human Resources Management experience cross numerous industries, including manufacturing, engineering & consulting services, construction & power generation, and more.

As a Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Richard Lively, has hired, developed and managed professionals throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He reported to the CEO of a two-billion-dollar international business, and routinely participated broad, strategic decision making. Richard is adept at rapidly stepping into tactical roles that require hands-on HR management support.

Hire. Train. Retain.

We pride ourselves on always taking the practical approach to HR solutions. Our services can support your HR department on a full-time or part-time basis. Let’s get started!

Richard is my go-to person for any HR matter. Over 25 years of collaboration with him has shown me his impressive expertise and dedication in handling a wide range of HR challenges, including benefits, compensation, hiring, terminations, compliance, and employee complaints. His business acumen ensures that HR processes align with business objectives, making him an invaluable resource for HR support at HR Live. Even a simple conversation with him can provide valuable insights.

– Bryon Roth

TAB Lehigh Valley Owner

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