EE Handbooks

Provide Significant Value For Employees and Employers

Most employers have outdated handbooks – or they have never created one. HR Live can review existing documents, make them more relevant to the times and align the content to your business needs. Too many times, businesses have handbooks that are created for legal reasons, but they never use the guidance within. This is worse than not having a handbook at all. We believe that handbooks are a vital document for your business, and they can guide both employees and management to achieve greater success.

  • Audits
  • Review/Modifications
  • Full handbook creation
  • Creation of Policies & Procedures
  • Outplacement

At HR Live we understand the complexities of reducing a workforce. It can create major upheaval, interrupt productivity, and if not handled carefully, it could damage the reputation of your business. We develop programs tailored to your situation, providing a perspective of compassion and empathy. We can also work with individuals to help them through the process and guide them to their next venture.

  • Develop and implement outplacement programs
  • Resume review and creation
  • Interview coaching

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