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Richard is my ultimate resource for any HR matter. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with him for over 25 years, and his expertise and vast knowledge in HR have left a lasting impression on me. His dedication and commitment to every project he undertakes are evident, and I have witnessed firsthand how he seamlessly handles a wide range of HR challenges.

Throughout my career, Dick has skillfully navigated us through various issues, from enhancing benefits programs and aligning compensation to implementing effective bonus structures. His expertise in hiring and engaging employees, as well as dealing with terminations and layoffs, is unmatched. Moreover, he is well-versed in compliance, safety, and resolving serious employee complaints.

One of Dick’s standout qualities is his business acumen, which enables him to align HR systems and processes with the overarching business goals and objectives. He has the remarkable ability to strike a balance between the human relations aspect of discussions and the practical needs of the business, resulting in well-informed and strategic decisions.

Whenever I encounter an HR challenge or have a client facing such issues, Dick is my go-to person without hesitation. I highly recommend reaching out to HR Live for HR support. Even a simple conversation with Dick can be immensely valuable and enlightening. Whether or not you decide to engage his services, you’ll undoubtedly gain valuable insights and knowledge.

– Bryon Roth

TAB Lehigh Valley Owner

Richard (Dick) Lively does an incredible job in all facets of HR needs for our company.  He has led the process in selecting an executive member of the management team, been critical in developing our employee handbook, pay scales and implementing a new employee review process.  His efforts around training and compliance have made a huge difference in helping us change our culture, take good care of our employees, reduce turnover, and set the company on a path of growth and stability.

– Erik McGaughey

Meals on Wheels CEO

Dick Lively, from HR Live, has been an instrumental force behind the success of our business, Inter-Tech Supplies, for the past 2 years. Serving as our dedicated HR department, he has expertly managed diverse HR functions, from benefit renewals and compensation program development to fostering employee relations and implementing effective performance management and training initiatives. As our lead HR person, Dick has impressively reduced benefit costs while maintaining top-notch quality, operationalized our employee manual, and revamped job descriptions and market values for various roles. His adept handling of HR issues as they arise has ensured a smooth and thriving work environment. With his invaluable support and seamless interactions with our team, we wholeheartedly endorse Dick Lively and HR Live for their exceptional HR services.

– Dave Kupres

Inter-Tech Supplies Owner and President

Dick at HR Live has been essential in facilitating the development of Omega’s management team. Our team members meet with him on a regular basis to review performance, assist in teambuilding, and promote personal growth. Outside of our meetings, he’s very responsive, as he’s always available for a phone call or email. Rates are very reasonable, and the value far exceeds the expense.

Gregory J. Kuhn

Omega Protective Services President & CEO

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